El Tren Fantasma - The Signal Man's Mix

by Chris Watson

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psychemusic.org (Belgium):

"The recording on side A received a slow ambient bowl-like electronic drone evolution to it, first like an intro with spatial harmonics that mixes in with the train sounds perfectly. It was unclear if such an addition was really necessary, but this works nicely. Especially after 4 minutes, the bass and higher tone loops of the train sounds in combination with the small quiet ambient drone, this truly starts to form a perfect sonic, steady-rhythmical meditation. Then a voice announcement from speakers comes through as if to introduce the working towards a conclusion in the track. This was in every detail perfectly timed.

On side B we hear a really enjoyable environmental-recordings-only mix of freight trains, like motor-driven roaring thunders that after a while leave sight/ears in the distance, to which you can hear some old train whistle harmonies too. Although this is just the sound of different passing trains, it is so well recorded (also technically) as if this is like a deliberately composed complex and dynamically organised movement. With the whistling drone being added further on, I am able to dream away with this, while the sounds echo away… Also this track ends similarly with another announcement. Perfect!"


released January 2, 2011

Cut by Jason @ Transition
Artwork & Design by Jon Wozencroft



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Chris Watson UK

Chris Watson is one of the world's leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena, and for Touch he edits his field recordings into a filmic narrative.

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